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Why should tech startups enter this competition?

Competition Director, Robert Brown, explains why early-stage startup founders should enter the Future of Capitalism Competition.

“One of the great ways to validate an idea is to share it with other people.


“If you're a tech startup, it's important that you get out to see as many people as possible with your idea. I wouldn't just encourage founders to enter this competition, I would also encourage them to enter as many competitions as they can.


“By doing this they'll get some great feedback that will enable them to refine their idea. This will help them to get to the stage where somebody does invest, enabling them to take their idea to the next level.


“So just keep going, resilience is a key factor, and you will be successful if you listen to the feedback that you get from other people.”


Join Robert Brown, Competition Director, and Larry Sullivan, Competition Founder, for a competition webinar on 24 July 1pm BST.


This will provide an overview of how to enter, as well as providing pitch day information and funding facts. It's also a chance to find out more about Leo Lion, the founding company, and the ethos behind the competition.


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