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Competition 2 opening soon - sign up for details
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Any questions? Take a look at a few answers to questions we are frequently asked - from what form the tech startup funding will take to intellectual property.

When will the competition open?

We're still working on competition dates for the 24/25 competition - sign up to our email list to find out when this opens 


What investment is available?

There is up to $1m (USD) investment on offer. Please note -this may be split between startups depending on investment required.

What types of tech startups can enter?

The competition is on the lookout for Tech that can transform how businesses operate - from customer experience, admin/management systems, financial processes, logistics, marketing or anything else. 

Is this a global competition?
Yes this is open to startups based anywhere in the world however the entry and pitch process will all be in English.    

Does my startup need to be incorporated before submitting an entry?

To enter the competition you do need to be a trading entity. However there are future competitions  if this deadline is too soon for you. Please sign up for alerts

How can I enter the competition?
All you need is a pitchdeck and a business plan to enter - applications open soon


Can I request a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before submitting my entry?
Yes - please either complete our contact form or email


What form will the funding take?
The investment will be offered as equity funding to tech startups. However, it may be possible to offer other types of investment depending on the circumstances.

Our default investment position is to take Ordinary Shares in a business, but the size, level, and type of investment we make will depend on our assessment of the underlying risk and size of the opportunity in the business.

The level of investment will depend upon factors such as how established the startup is, as well the potential size of opportunity - for example the $1m could perhaps be invested in multiple startups. 


When can I submit my application?
Applications can be submitted at any time up until the closing date.

If shortlisted how many presenters can pitch per startup?

Up to two presenters are invited to pitch for each shortlisted startup.


How much equity will be taken?

The amount of equity taken will depend upon a combination of the size of the investment offered and a mutually agreed valuation of the business.


How do you treat Intellectual property?

Any intellectual property included in submissions belongs to the respective applicants.


Can you offer financial support to attend the pitchday? 

Any shortlisted startups that require financial assistance to attend the pitchday, which is in London, UK, will be assessed on an individual basis.  

Key Dates

Applications Open

May 29 2024

Applications Close

Sep 30 2024

Pitch Day

February 2025

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