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Be a Force for Good: Introducing the Leo Lion Foundation

It's thought that Voltaire first coined the words 'with great power comes great responsibility' a sentiment shared by Leo Lion, the Competition organiser.

Through the Leo Lion Foundation we use the profits of businesses to help disadvantaged people throughout the world achieve a better quality of life by providing a "hand up" rather than a "hand out".


A different approach


The Foundation engages in long-term partnerships with carefully selected NGO’s and Charities where our values align with the leadership. We support these organizations with both funding and broad business acumen.


Partnerships and Projects


These following partnerships offer great examples of how collaborative efforts can contribute more effectively to social causes.


The Foundation has partnered with PEAS since 2009, helping to address the crucial issues of access to quality and affordable education. During our partnership, we have supported the acquisition and expansion of 12 schools across Uganda and Zambia. For some schools, additional equipment such as solar panels or computers has improved sustainability and the quality of education and when the pandemic forced schools to close, we redirected our support to be utilised for their remote learning strategy.


PEAS educate communities on the significance of girls staying in education and the reduced fees enable families to fund this for more of their children.


Habitat for Humanity (Global)

Our partnership with Habitat began in 2008 when the Foundation funded Habitat’s Orphans and Vulnerable Children project in Uganda, Mozambique, and Zambia. This initial investment was the beginning of a rich history of working together, driven by Habitat’s motto of ‘a hand up, not a hand-out’ which strongly aligns with our own values. Habitat believes that a safe place to call home is the catalyst to getting people out of poverty and over the years our projects have had this goal at the core.


Undershaw Education (UK)

The Leo Lion Foundation established leading education centre Undershaw in 2016. With small class sizes and a more flexible curriculum, Undershaw has become a leading education centre renowned for their provision of education for children with special education needs and disabilities (SEND). Their Post-16 Programmes work to support students transitioning out of the familiar setting at Undershaw and prepares them for further education and the next steps in their career.


Pathways Education (UK)

Pathways Education offers a unique, safe and calm environment for young people aged 9 onwards, with special educational needs, who are at risk of NEET (Not in Education, Employment and Training). 


Leo Lion Foundation started Pathways after witnessing the success of Undershaw Education and identifying a growing need to support those students still struggling in either mainstream education or unable to access it. The Foundation initiated a conversion of unused stables to provide a small and quiet education facility and worked to put together a team that has enabled it to flourish. Still in its infancy, they have already seen great success and are ready to move into delivering Key Stage 4. As demand continues to grow, the Foundation has identified and purchased a new site that will expand their current offering to a further 100 students.


These are just a few examples of the many projects that the Foundation supports – view more at


How will you make an impact with your success?


Through the Future of Capitalism competition we hope to encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs to consider how they can improve society as they achieve business success.

Are you are a tech startup founder that shares our ethos? If so we encourage you to enter the competition.



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