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Announcement: The 9 Tech startups selected to pitch for $5m funding

Updated: Jan 22


We’re delighted to announce the nine finalists selected to pitch for investment in the first Future of Capitalism Competition.

The tech startups that will be pitching to the judges on 8 February are:

Re-Fresh Global A CleanTech German-Israeli company based in Berlin that has developed a unique patented and proprietary chemical process to transform textile waste into high-quality materials at scale. The company's 100% recycled textile products are employed in a variety of use cases, including automotive manufacturing, construction materials, and commercial interior materials for Volkswagen Group, MEAVO, and other clients. Re-Fresh Global materials are highly flexible and easily customized to meet performance requirements while helping customers meet increasingly stringent sustainability and regulatory requirements.


A HealthTech startup that utilizes deep learning technology called DANNCE, which analyzes patient videos for signatures of disease and quantifies a patient’s response to treatment. This innovative approach, supported by patent protection and a team of experts in behavioural analysis from Harvard and Duke, has proof of concept quantifying Parkinson’s, Autism, and Stroke with over 10,000 hours invested in its development. DANNCE offers a non-invasive means of capturing rich behavioral data for clinicians and drug developers, enabling them to uncover previously hidden information and facilitating access to quality neurological care.

Hormony (Prelude Health) A pioneering health-tech company focused on empowering women to effectively navigate the challenges of perimenopause.  Their mission is to provoke, normalize, and own the conversation around Perimenopause. They are dedicated to supporting women through this transformative phase with a blend of innovation, expert knowledge, and a community.

They aim to provide women with accessible hormonal health by enabling them to monitor, measure, and manage through an integrated and ultra personalized approach by combining at-home rapid hormone testing with AI-driven analytics.


Vocadian Is a Harvard-MIT-founded HealthTech startup. Their groundbreaking predictive fatigue risk management will empower a safer, healthier, and more productive workforce with voice AI.


Dapio A FinTech business that’s unlocking omnichannel integrated payment opportunities for enterprises, individuals, industrial sectors, small businesses, emerging markets & startups alike.



A FinTech startup that has developed an AI finance colleague that takes the time and complexity out of managing a company’s finances.


Enlipsium A startup with a vision to ensure that all cancer patients will receive a safe and effective treatment.


Edulis A HealthTech startup revolutionizing gastrointestinal medicine with their endoscopic drug delivery system which is set to impact over 1 million patients, improving quality of life with sustained, maintenance-free medication.

Global Nano Network

A tech company innovating the battery industry by making lithium-ion & next generation batteries better, safer & greener. They aim to develop an eco-friendly battery that meets all the current requirements of the next industrial revolution where one of the world’s major needs is to reduce the levels of CO2 emissions, the dependence on fossil fuels and the indiscriminate use of highly dangerous and polluting materials.


The Leo Lion competition team and judges look forward to meeting everyone at pitchday on 8 February.

Narrowing down the entries was a difficult process due to the many high quality and impressive applications from startups across the world. We encourage any startups not selected this time to apply for future competitions.



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